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Istanbul Law & Trade Center (ILTC) is a Turkish company providing legal and practical assistance to both private and corporate clients. ILTC, based in Istanbul, have partners, expertise and networks in Europe, northern Europe and the Middle East.

We offer consulting, guidance and management for both problems and challenges that individuals or companies can meet in Turkey.

We are a partner for small and medium size businesses, a partner who understands the need, ensuring quality in the executed and managed services.

Our company has all the necessary authorizations in Turkey, allowing us to be the representative for foreign companies and private persons.


ILTC is a Turkish law firm with experts from various fields of business, lawyersand advisors who have extensive skills and expertise in their own field.

ILTC has subsidiary companies in several countries.

ILTC stimulates legally safe trade and investment opportunities for commercial business developers, economic development agencies, and international businesses looking to connect globally and prosper locally. This includes private customers, companies of varying size and financial institutions.


Becoming one of Turkey’s most trusted legal consulting firm aiming to handle all types of private and business disputes in Turkey, and internationally in cooperation with our associates.


To expand the reach and increase the quality of our global network.


• Service-oriented: We continuously seek to better understand customer needs and offer solutions that deliver value and create long-term relationships.

• Responsive: We strive for efficient and meaningful interaction.

• Collaborative: We work together to create an enriching culture built on trust and respect.

• Innovative: We are strategic, entrepreneurial, and forward-thinking.

• Ethical: We conduct our affairs with integrity and transparency.

• Culturally diverse: We create a culture that fosters creativity, productivity and mutual appreciation.


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Yadigar Gökalp İlhan

Founder & CEO

Law & Trade Center

Bahar Vuslat Aşık

Istanbul Bar Association

Necdet Göktunç İlhan

Istanbul Bar Association

Trade Center



  • Legal advice assistance and representation in various disputes. .
  1. Practical assistance for providing a place of residence, communication, transport etc.
  2. Citizenship applications
  3. Real Estate Acquisitons and Acquiring Citizenship via This Procedure
  4. Investments and Banking Transactions to be Made in Turkey
  5. Residence Permit and Work Permit Applications and Sustainability of These Rights
  6. Legal Transactions and Applications Regarding Asylum and Refugee Status
  7. Legal Consultation Service Regarding Intellectual Property Law
    (Services related to transactions with respect to intellectual property rights on trademarks, patents, desings and domains.)
  8. Inheritance and Divorce Law Procedures and the Recognition and Enforcement Transactions For All Individuals Regardless of Their Nationality
  9. Legal Counseling For Revoking a Restriction Code (For example: G-87 Restriction Code,etc.)
  10. Legal Procedures to be Followed Against Deportation Order and Custodial Sentence
  11. Legal Counseling For Bringing a Case Before the European Courts of Human Rights
  12. Drafting All Types of Contracts Regarding All Fields of Law


  • Assistance in Rescuing From Punishment and Fines
  • Translation: We speak fluent English and Turkish in addition to easy handling of several other languages*We are capable of offering our services in these language efficiently and promptly.
  • Financial advice, assistance and management.
  • Connecting clients to our national network of businesses, individuals and authorities to facilitate clients’ operations in Turkey.


We aim to be the most affordable counseling service in the market in relation to the scope and quality of the job we perform. We believe in marketing through satisfied customers who become part of our network and recommend us to others on account of our quality service..

We will offer package prices which will be fixed for our customers. We operate at hourly rates far below comparable international legal consulting firms.


You can reach our contact information below or write to us by form.

+90 212 983 79 89

+90 537 577 48 97

Limon Cicegi Street No:19/6 - 34145 Bakirkoy, Istanbul - TURKEY


+30 0629291519

St. Jacobs Straat 1233511 BP Utrecht - NEDERLAND


+47 99 33 41 31


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